No one better understands the joys and struggles of mommy-hood better than another mommy. Involvement in the MOMS Club results in new friendships for both mom and her child(ren), enjoyable (and inexpensive) weekday outings, and the chance to swap ideas with other moms on child-raising.

Advantages for Moms

  • Because raising children can be consuming in many ways, it is easy to understand why many moms, especially new moms, feel isolated and exhausted. MOMS Club can be the best prescription for sanity.
  • Programs provide moms with social interaction with adults; which is important no matter what age child(ren) you are raising.  
  • It can remind her that there is a personality in there, somewhere under the clinging children, diaper bags and backpacks, and it can give mom the important opportunity to make new friends.

Advantages for Children

  • If mom is happier, the child is happier. Any activity that lifts mom's spirit even a little, gives her more energy and patience to deal with the seemingly endless demands of motherhood.
  • Mom can spend time enjoying organized age appropriate activities with her child(ren) and watching them grow and develop through their experiences.
  • Social interaction with children of similar ages so they can learn to share and play in a group environment.Our local chapter was founded in 2001 and is located in Roswell, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta. 

MOMS Club of Roswell-South, GA is a chapter of International MOMS Club, a non-profit organization of stay-at-home moms designed to offer each other support. Read more about our history at the International MOMS Club website, www.momsclub.org.

MOMS Club of Roswell-South

Local moms group in Roswell, GA