We have a very active club with a great calendar of activities each month. Following are the regular occurring activities that benefit moms and their children:

Playgroups – These are smaller groups of members of the MOMS Club® (usually 4 to 6 moms and their children) that meet regularly so that the kids can play together and the moms can talk. They are generally organized by the children’s ages. The members within the playgroup plan and direct the time, location, and activities of their respective playgroup.

Outings – Too many to name them all! They vary by day, time, and types of activity so that there is always something for everybody. We try to find fun things that are free or inexpensive, and always local. Some of the activities that we have done as a club in the past include:

  • Blueberry picking, hayrides, pumpkin patches, nature centers
  • Tours at local facilities such as fire house, ice cream, dairy farm and pizza shops
  • Play dates and toddler hikes at area parks
  • Holiday parties
  • Puppet shows
  • Story times and visits with Grandma Snazzy
  • Craft parties
  • Themed get-togethers at member’s homes
  • Stroller walks and other activities for non-walking children
  • Community outreach activities

Babysitting Co-op – Organized program where members earn points by babysitting for other members’ children. Members use their points to get babysitting services. This is a great alternative to paying for babysitting.

Mom’s Night Out – Moms get together once a month for adult-interest activities. Most moms choose to leave their kids at home for this event. Activities that we have done in the past are: concerts, trivia, dinner, dessert, spa manicures/pedicures, painting pottery, and yoga class.

Lunch Bunch – This is a monthly organized brown-bag lunch or restaurant lunch held at kid-friendly locations in the company of other moms.

Meals for Moms – This is a co-operative program created to provide meals for members in need because of the arrival of new babies, recovering from surgeries, being on bed rest, etc.

Monthly Social – An opportunity for moms and their children to get together for the Club’s business and for fun. Meetings are typically held the second Monday of the month at various locations in Roswell. Meetings start off with a "swap" activity that changes each month (i.e. coupons, books, recipes, cookies, gently-used jewelry or toys, etc.).  We try to be accommodating for speakers, parties, and members' varying schedules.

MOMS Club® of Roswell-South, GA

Local moms group in Roswell, GA